Fucoidan is a marine polysaccharide consisting of sulfated fucose found in large brown algae. Fucoidan was first discovered in 1913 by professor H.Z. Kylin of Uppsala University in Sweden. Following IUPAC, fucoidan refers to fucans extracted from algae.

For the past decade fucoidans isolated from different species have been extensively studied due to their varied biological activities, including antitumor and immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, blood lipids reducing, antioxidant and anticomplementary properties, activitiy against hepatopathy, uropathy and renalpathy, gastric protective effects and therapeutic potential in surgery. Recently, many studies are showing the possibility of fucoidan as a supplement for chemotherapy and radiotherapy with little side-effects of existing anti-tumor treatments and its effect on enhancing the cancer treatment.

How are fucoidans different?

Different brown algae were analyzed for their content of fucoidans. However, not all fucoidans are the same. Fucoidan is a class of natural compounds that have been widely researched and shown to exert beneficial bioactivities in a range of human health settings.

It is noteworthy that the actions and bioactivities of fucoidan are dependent on:


Generally, low molecular weight fucoidan (LMWF) has a greater bioactivities than high molecular weight fucoidan.

Hi-Q World-exclusive Low Molecular Weight Extraction Technology

The molecular weight of the Taiwan Low Molecule Weight Fucoidan is about 500-1500 Dalton. The product has high efficacy and safety; the bioactivity level of the Taiwan Low Molecule Fucoidan is at least 40% higher than similar oversea products. The special hydrolytic extraction technology ensures that the product does not contain residual heavy metals, salinity-free, odorless and radiation-free. This technology is unique to Taiwan and is highly regarded by the international community.

A randomized, double-blinded human clinical trial in 2017 showed that the Taiwan Low Molecule Fucoidan can effectively assist in the adjuvant treatment of patients with terminal stage colorectal cancer. The functions of the Taiwan Low Molecule Weight Fucoidan on inhibiting tumor, improving cachexia, immunity and preventive medicine have been scientifically proven. The functional efficacy, safety and stability test results of the Fucoidan product also complies with all health food regulations promulgated by the government

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