Hi-Q has launched branding series of innovative Fucoidan products in Taiwan. The current products are in 13 international markets in Taiwan, China, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, etc. Over 3500 retailers in the world, with professional recommendations from each country’s doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists.


The LMW Fucoidan, prevents and inhibits tumor growth and is used as a nutritional supplement for tumor care. The ImmuArmor modulates your pet’s immunity to improve inflammation, improve physiological functions and keep them healthy every day.

Product specifications:
1) 250mg*30 capsules/ (S)box
2) 750mg*30 capsules/ (L)Box


Heart Health

HeartFight Supplement

Aging is the natural process of an animal’s life cycle, but with it often comes impaired of muscle functions and cardio vascular diseases that drastically affect the animal’s health and quality of life. HeartFight maintains the cardiovascular health, reduces the damage from free radicals, strengthens the heart and cardiac muscle functions to keep your pet in top health condition.

Product specifications:
300mg*30 capsules/box




DermAway Repair Gel 

DermAway contains natural ingredients, non-stimulating additives and no artificial coloring, which can be applied directly onto your pets to alleviate skin issues like itching, irritation and hypersensitivity, keeping your pet’s fur healthy and shiny.

Product specifications:



Functional Snack

ImmuArmor Functional Snack

Let's enjoy the healthy snack with your pets!
Strictly select high grade of ingredients, no artificial flavors and chemical ingredients, add natural nutrients recommended by veterinarians – Taiwan Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan, give pets the healthiest taste, regulate physiological functions, let you enjoy the healthy snack with your pets! 

Product specifications: