Hi-Q Marine Biotech strives to preserve the land of Taiwan and relay warmth to minorities. We continue to devote to society, it is our responsibility and persistence.

Hi-Q x Grace Home Church


Love through actions

Join hands to help the community.

During a Fucoidan conference in 2010, we had our first contact with the volunteers of Grace Home Church and slowly learned about Grace Home Church though conversations with the volunteers! In Taiwan, many people living in poverty have their health care cards locked due to a lack of money, and in turn, are afraid to visit doctors. Grace Home Church joined with pro bono doctors around the country to establish the Grace Home Church Pro Bono Clinic Alliance. All those in poverty can visit doctors for free. Other services even include meals, shelters, relief, etc. Hi-Q offers Fucoidan supplements for who was eligible for mid-low incomes. Let our friends in poverty enjoy nutritional support.

Let children become independent and shine like a pearl in a clam

Hi-Q ’s brand core values are “natural and health”. We joint with Taipei Autism Children Social Welfare Foundation- LoveSoap to promote the exclusive “Taiwan LMW Fucoidan Handmade Soap”. The company helped the moderately and severely mentally and physically disabled people above the age of 18 to learn workplace skills. Most importantly, let them establish confidence through the process and learn how to interact with others.


Love the Earth, care for the minorities

Protect our planet with green agriculture, irrigate Taiwan with care and assistance, promote warmth and positive energy, love the Earth, and care for the minorities to fulfill social responsibility. Since 2013, Hi-Q started a partnership with LoveSoap. We allowed the children at LoveSoap to enter society through employment. Our purpose was to create long-term self-sustaining employment opportunities for the hard-to-fund-raise autistic children! This year, Hi-Q Marine Biotech and LoveSoap expanded the partnership by creating the exclusive “Taiwan LMW Fucoidan Handmade Soap”, with persistence in simple, healthy, and safe ingredients.

Hi-Q Marine Biotech strives to preserve the land of Taiwan and relay warmth to minorities. We promise to continue our devotion to society and will not stop once started. This is our responsibility and persistence.