Hi-Q Ocean Re-New Anti-Aging Series - 
Skincare Products

The ocean Re-New Anti-Aging Series - Skincare Set is formulated with FucoSkin® Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan (Oligo Fucoidan) from Laminaria Japonica Extract, clinically proven natural active ingredient. This powerful formula soothes the skin and protects skin against the environmental drivers of aging.

- Cleansing Mousse
- Intensive Gel
- Aqua Lotion
- Super Serum
- Bio-Cellulose Mask
- Silk Repair Mask 



Fucoidan Facial Mask (Bio-Cellulose Mask)


Reverse aging by the secret of ocean from the evolution of marine biotechnology – low molecular fucoidan – a key to regenerate collagen in old and rough skin to a new face of youth skin.

Natural ingredients from the ocean, a premium grade, high quality, oceanic brown seaweed from Taiwan to extract the essence of cosmetics grade fucoidan for anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammation. The state-of-the-art biotechnology to refine the polysaccharides fucoidan into low molecular fucoidan; the essence of fucoidan is liquid form, which can easily penetrate the fine lines of the skin, regenerate the process of collagen synthesis. So that the facial skin is soothing, lifting, moisturizing, more compact like youth skin, and erase fine lines in times in natural way of anti-aging.



FucoWell - Oligo Fucoidan Gel


FucoWell - Oligo Fucoidan Gel is a special natural cosmetic skincare product which has been scientifically proven to assist in skin regeneration and skin repair. It repairs, restores and soothes damaged and irritated skin, for example due to sunburn or after shaving, laser or beauty treatment; leaves skin feeling comfortable and more elastic.

Key ingredient includes FucoSkin® Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan (LMWF) extracted from marine seaweed for skincare application; provides intensive hydration and care. It can be easily absorbed through the skin, rapid penetration, moisturizes and gently soothes, even for sensitive skin. All ingredients are lab-test, natural from marine & herbal; the gel is especially for irritated or damaged skin; reduces inflammation; for skin regeneration and skin repair.



Love the Earth, Care for the Minorities
Fucoidan Hand-made Soap


Since 2013, Hi-Q started a partnership with LoveSoap. Love Soap, a social welfare group for the autistic or mentally disabled people. We allowed children at LoveSoap to enter society through employment. Our purpose is to create long-term self-sustaining employment opportunities for the hard-to-fund-raise autistic children. Hi-Q and LoveSoap expand the partnership by creating “Taiwan LMW Fucoidan Handmade Soap”, with persistence in simple, healthy, and safe ingredients.