[New Research] Congratulations to Hi-Q and The Veterinary Cancer Center (VCC, USA) for a new publish

Congratulations to Hi-Q and research team from The Veterinary Cancer Center (VCC, USA) for a new published! 

Dr. Gerald Post and his team evaluated the effect of oligo fucoidan on the quality of life in dogs with cancer undergoing chemotherapy in a double-blinded case control study. 

Treatment with oligo fucoidan was safe and improved some of the quality-of-life metrics in dogs who were being treated with chemotherapy for cancer.

Dr. Gerald Post, DVM, MEM, DACVIM (Oncology)
* Board-certified Oncologist in United States

Founder of The Veterinary Cancer Center and Animal Cancer Foundation

***Treatment was with a low molecular weight fucoidan extract (oligo fucoidan) provided by Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd., Taiwan.

Research Article
Gerald S. Post , Jonathan Lustgarten , The use of Oligo Fucoidan in Cancer Bearing Dogs Undergoing Chemotherapy: a double-blinded study, Topics in Companion Animal Medicine (2021).