Hi-Q wins Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) Gold Award

Great News! Hi-Q wins a Gold Award with our Innovation [Oligo Fucoidan, an Active Substance for Preventing Radiation-Induced Pneumonitis and Lung Fibrosis during Radiotherapy] at the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE)!

Hi-Q would like to express our special appreciation and thanks to Doctor Szu Yuan Wu, Director of Cancer Center (Lotung Poh-Ai Hospital), for his efforts in this research!

Radiotherapy (RT) is a crucial treatment approach for many types of cancer, including lung cancer, breast cancer. Since most of the radiation is focused on the chest cavity region, it is easy to cause the common side effects, radiation pneumonitis and fibrosis. Late-stage pulmonary fibrosis can cause long-term coughing, wheezing, chest pain, and even inexplicable fever, affecting the patient's quality of life. Studies have indicated that preventing or treating RT-induced lung injury is difficult. Patients who require chest RT have a risk of this injure, which exerts acute or long-term effects. Therefore, it is necessary to identify an effective prophylactic agent.

In our study, Oligo Fucoidan changes the expression patterns of inflammatory cytokines, which may consequently attenuate radiation pneumonitis and lung fibrosis. Decreased neutrophil and macrophage accumulation was observed in irradiated lung tissues. Oligo Fucoidan administration also changed the expression patterns of inflammatory cytokines in irradiated lung tissues. Furthermore, Oligo Fucoidan significantly reduced the expression levels of TIMP-1, CXCL1, MCP-1, MIP-2, and interleukin-1Ra in the pleural fluid. In conclusion, Oligo Fucoidan can be a potential therapeutic agent for radiation?induced pneumonitis and lung fibrosis attenuation or prevention.