International Conference on Brown Algae Research and Clinical Application

The International Conference on Brown Algae Research and Clinical Application once again presented virtually on April 26, 2022. This year, Taiwan Fucoidan Development Society and Hi-Q Marine Biotech jointly organized the conference with National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan United Anti-Cancer Association and the S.Y. Dao Cancer Prevention Foundation.

Oligo Fucoidan and High Stability Fucoxanthin derived from natural brown algae, are unique functional food ingredients with health and nutraceuticals effects developed by Hi-Q Marine Biotech. Since 2008, Hi-Q has join collaborative scientific research and development projects with Taiwan and overseas research institutes through in vitro and vivo studies to determine the characteristics and the mechanism of Oligo Fucoidan and High Stability Fucoxanthin, in application of cancer and chronic diseases as adjuvant treatment.

More than 50 scientific publications of Oligo Fucoidan and High Stability Fucoxanthin were published. Hi-Q has completed human clinical trials in patients of metastatic colorectal cancer and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, the primary endpoint showed positive significant results. In addition, Hi-Q has more ongoing human clinical trials projects and planning for different indications such as cancers, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, immune disorders and other metabolic diseases, etc.

Taiwan Fucoidan Development Society and Hi-Q Marine Biotech have successfully played the role of connecting international research institutions and academic experts in this conference. The key subject of this conference focused on research and clinical application of brown seaweed, professionals and scientists from Taiwan and international joined together in this conference to explore the application studies of Oligo Fucoidan and High Stability Fucoxanthin.

Professor Pei-Jen Lou, vice president of National Taiwan University Hospital, said that patients with head and neck cancers such as oral cancer and tongue cancer will inevitably suffer from side effects after surgery or radiotherapy. Some studies have pointed out that the depression index and even suicide rate after head and neck cancer treatment are higher than other cancers. Therefore, the ongoing human clinical trials project of Oligo Fucoidan as an adjuvant supplement for head and neck cancers patients is meaningful.

Dr. Gerald Post, the founder of Veterinary Cancer Center (VCC, USA), evaluated the effect of Oligo Fucoidan on the quality of life in dogs with cancer undergoing chemotherapy in a double-blinded case control study. Treatment with oligo fucoidan was safe and improved some of the quality-of-life metrics in dogs who were being treated with chemotherapy for cancer.

Hui-Min Chang, chairman of Taiwan Fucoidan Development Society, also said that the society is delighted about "The Next Level" of Oligo Fucoidan achieved. Oligo Fucoidan has attained its inclusion in the Dictionary of Drugs of the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI). The NCI Drug Dictionary contains technical definition and synoyms for drugs/agents used to treat patients with cancer or conditions related to cancer. Each drug entry check the clinical trials listed in NCI's list trials.

These proven scientific results demonstrated the true value of Oligo Fucoidan and High Stability Fucoxanthin as functional ingredients for health and nutraceuticals purpose and as an adjuvant supplement.

The organizers hope that through these connections across the industries of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals, academia universities, and medical hospitals will bring a prosperous future for the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.