Company Profile

Hi-Q is dedicated to the development of high quality health products with world-leading marine biotechnology since 1998.

The name "Hi-Q" in Hi-Q Marine Biotech represents "High Quality." Over the course of more than two decades, Hi-Q has embarked on a scientific research journey exploring the ocean, starting from aquaculture. We positioned Hi-Q brand as the leading health brand committed to "guarding the health of the whole family" and continues to pursue the brand's vision by implementing the corporate philosophy of "nature, health, and happiness."

Using scientific techniques and advanced bioprocessing, Hi-Q has successfully developed a wide range of marine products, harnessing the potential of marine seaweed. These products include dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmetics, and other applications. Marine seaweeds are rich in unique active compounds and offer numerous health benefits and therapeutic effects. The commitment to scientific research and quality assurance ensures that Hi-Q’s marine-based products meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and sustainability.

Low Molecular Weight
Fucoidan Expert
Hi-Q specializes in the research and development of Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan (Oligo Fucoidan). Hi-Q utilizes advanced technology to extract Oligo Fucoidan from marine brown seaweed, resulting in a low-molecular-weight Fucoidan with exceptional bioactivity. Hi-Q has strong Research & Development cooperation with the professionals in medical science, food science and healthcare for development the best Fucoidan ingredients from Taiwan, for natural health and skincare products.
Hi-Q’s Brand
Hi-Q’s Founder & Chairman
Hi-Q commits to manufacture the high quality products with scientific based, for

guarding the health of the whole family

Johnson Chang (Hi-Q’s Founder & Chairman)
Mr. Yung Sheng Chang (Johnson) is the founder and Chairman of Hi-Q Marine Biotech. He is also an honorary professor at the Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science at National Taiwan Ocean University. In 1979, Mr. Chang joined British firm Tait & Co., and through hard work and dedication, he became the first Chinese Managing Director in the company's hundred-year history. During his tenure at Tait & Co., he successfully represented and marketed several internationally renowned consumer products, establishing the company as a leading consumer goods marketing and logistics firm in the Taiwan Strait region. At the age of 45, Mr. Chang made a pivotal decision to leave his position at Tait & Co. and step away from the foreign business sector where he had spent 18 years of his career. He ventured into the biotechnology industry and founded Hi-Q Marine Biotech, focusing on ecological aquaculture and the development of marine health products.
Hi-Q’s Professional Staffs

With more than 150 employees, well-trained and professional staffs, working together to achieve market innovative products