About Oligo Fucoidan

Fucoidan: Nature's Gift from the Ocean

For centuries, the ocean has been a source of mystery and wonder, offering treasures that extend far beyond its shimmering surface. Among these treasures is fucoidan, a complex polysaccharide found in brown seaweed, revered for its potential health benefits. From ancient traditions to modern research, fucoidan's journey through history has paved the way for its exploration as a promising therapeutic compound.

A Glimpse into History

The story of fucoidan dates back to ancient civilizations where coastal communities harnessed the power of seaweed for sustenance and healing. Fucoidan was first discovered in 1913 by professor H.Z. Kylin of Uppsala University in Sweden.

Scientific Inquiry and Modern Research

The transition from ancient wisdom to modern science marked a pivotal moment for fucoidan. Researchers, intrigued by its potential, embarked on a journey to unravel its secrets. Decades of studies have illuminated the diverse therapeutic properties of fucoidan.

For the past decade fucoidans isolated from different species have been extensively studied due to their varied biological activities. Fucoidan has garnered research attention for its potential in modulating immunity, reducing inflammation, and offering antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, hinting at a wide range of health benefits.

How are Fucoidans Different?

Different brown algae were analyzed for their content of fucoidans. However, not all fucoidans are the same. Fucoidan is a class of natural compounds that have been widely researched and shown to exert beneficial bioactivities in a range of human health settings.

It is noteworthy that the actions and bioactivities of fucoidan are dependent on: Algal species, Molecular weight, Method of extraction

Algal species


Method of extraction

Oligo Fucoidan: The Fusion of Nature's Gift and Advanced Technology
Hi-Q World-exclusive Low Molecular Weight Extraction Technology
Hi-Q utilizes world-exclusive extraction technology to extract the Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan (Oligo Fucoidan), an active ingredient with patents for multi-health benefits. The molecular weight of the Hi-Q Low Molecule Weight Fucoidan is not more than 1500 Dalton. The product has high efficacy and safety; the bioactivity level of the Hi-Q Low Molecule Fucoidan is higher than other similar products. This technology is unique to Hi-Q and is highly regarded by the international community.
  • Natural ocean brown seaweed, high quality, sustainable
  • Hydrolysis technology without the using organic solvents
  • High bioactivities and concentration
  • Remove heavy metals and impurities
  • No unpleasant taste or odor
  • Proven with human clinical trials
Hi-Q Branded Ingredients

Hi-Q has strong Research & Development cooperation with the professionals in medical science, food science and healthcare for development the best Oligo Fucoidan ingredients from Taiwan, for natural health and skincare products.