Fucoidan is a kind of polysaccharide substance which mainly exists in the surface mucus of brown algae (kelp). Hi-Q developed the advance hydrolysis technology to extract the bioactive low molecular weight fucoidan (Oligo Fucoidan) from brown seaweed. Oligo Fucoidan is verified by scientific studies and human clinical trials in multi health benefits.

Power from the Ocean
Ingredients proved with Human Clinical Trials

Hi-Q has an excellent R&D team. More than 60 international scientific articles were published, including 6 human clinical trials (another 10+ human clinical trials ongoing) and 2 veterinary clinical trials.

Hi-Q has strong Research & Development cooperation with the professionals in medical science, food science and healthcare for development the best Fucoidan ingredients from Taiwan, for natural health and skincare products.
Oligo Fucoidan Powder

Support And Promote Healthy Life Extra Strength Immune Support

Laminaria Japonica Extract

Enhancement of Glucose Homeostasis and Liver Function

Fucoidan Extract for Skincare

Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle active ingredient with powerful antioxidant properties.

2024 / 06 / 03

Last week, we had an enriching and wonderful time at the Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredient (ICI) Exhibition in Jakarta! Here, we want to extend our sincerest thanks to our dear partner PT. TDP and all our Indonesian friends for their dedicated promotion and support, which made this exhibition even more successful and meaningful.

2024 / 05 / 02
It's been an exhilarating first day here at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, and the Hi-Q team is thrilled to have had the opportunity to join forces with our valued distributor Actera to showcase our range of sustainable marine ingredients. But the excitement doesn't end here! Tomorrow promises another day of networking and exploration. Join us at Booth 533, and let's continue this journey of innovation and sustainability together!
2024 / 04 / 17

Greetings from Paris! We have a fantastic time showcasing our sustainable marine ingredients. With two more days to go, there's still plenty to see. Join us to explore our ingredients and discover the future of beauty! See you there!

2023 / 09 / 27

Super exciting news from Singapore! Hi-Q has been honored with the prestigious NutraIngredients-Asia Award, often referred to as the "Oscar" in the global nutritional ingredient industry! This achievement signifies a remarkable leap forward for Hi-Q.

2023 / 05 / 04
Hi-Q has been recognized for its long-standing commitment to public welfare with its "Fish One For One" donation program, earning the ESG Award. Out of 236 entries, only 46 were selected for the award, with a winning rate of just 19.5%. Hi-Q is one of the few small and medium-sized enterprises among the winners, which was highly praised by the judges.
2024 / 01 / 22
Last week, the Hi-Q team had an exceptional experience at the HPCI (Home and Personal Care Ingredients) in Mumbai. Our Business Manager successfully delivered an insightful presentation, providing a fantastic overview of FucoSkin® – a sustainable marine seaweed extract, its research, and practical applications. We must express our deepest gratitude to our esteemed partners in India, Bansal Trading Company, for graciously providing us with this invaluable opportunity to share our groundbreaking research and innovations with all of you.
2023 / 10 / 23

Last week, Hi-Q had the privilege of taking part in The Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia (PENSA) Congress, an event that brought together scholars, medical professionals, and experts from around the world.