Fucoidan is a kind of polysaccharide substance which mainly exists in the surface mucus of brown algae (kelp). Hi-Q developed the advance hydrolysis technology to extract the bioactive low molecular weight fucoidan (Oligo Fucoidan) from brown seaweed. Oligo Fucoidan is verified by scientific studies and human clinical trials in multi health benefits.

Power from the Ocean
Ingredients proved with Human Clinical Trials

Hi-Q has an excellent R&D team. More than 60 international scientific articles were published, including 6 human clinical trials (another 10+ human clinical trials ongoing) and 2 veterinary clinical trials.

Hi-Q has strong Research & Development cooperation with the professionals in medical science, food science and healthcare for development the best Fucoidan ingredients from Taiwan, for natural health and skincare products.
Oligo Fucoidan Powder

Support And Promote Healthy Life Extra Strength Immune Support

Laminaria Japonica Extract

Enhancement of Glucose Homeostasis and Liver Function

Fucoidan Extract for Skincare

Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle active ingredient with powerful antioxidant properties.

We serve a large variety of end markets and our products can be found in lots of consumer products around the world.
Ingredients backed by the scientific research, ensuring your formula is effective and safe. Support overall health and wellness, promote optimal physical wellbeing.
Making difference in cancer with clinically tested ingredients! Cancer adjunct supplements are in demand because they provide targeted support for cancer patients, helping to manage the side effects of treatment and improve life quality.
Hi-Q ingredients are an excellent choice for their health benefits and can be seamlessly incorporated into a variety of delicious and convenient formats that cater to different lifestyles.
Discover how our high-quality ingredients can help improve the well-being and longevity of furry companions.
Join the Blue Beauty movement and make a positive impact on the planet and your customers. Designed to meet the needs of consumers of all ages and skin types, helping you build a loyal customer base.
Recover faster and reduce inflammation with our high-quality ingredients. Help to achieve fitness goals while supporting overall health and well-being.
2023 / 05 / 12
The 27th Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference was a great success for Hi-Q. We had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with healthcare professionals and researchers who share our passion for advancing cancer research. We would like to express our gratitude to the conference organizers, attendees, and our team members who worked hard to make the event a success.
2023 / 05 / 05
We are thrilled to announce that the Hi-Q team will be participating in The 27th Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference (TJCC 2023) for the next two consecutive days (6th-7th, May). Our team of experts will be present at the event, and we are excited to invite everyone to visit our Hi-Q booth.
2023 / 05 / 04
Hi-Q has been recognized for its long-standing commitment to public welfare with its "Fish One For One" donation program, earning the ESG Award. Out of 236 entries, only 46 were selected for the award, with a winning rate of just 19.5%. Hi-Q is one of the few small and medium-sized enterprises among the winners, which was highly praised by the judges.
2023 / 04 / 30
Hi-Q participated in The 38th World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC) held from April 26 to 29 in Taipei. The event brought together veterinary professionals from around the world to discuss the latest trends, developments, and challenges in animal health and welfare. The company's booth attracted a large number of visitors who were interested in learning more about its innovative and high-quality products.
2023 / 04 / 19
For the first time since the pandemic, we are pleased and grateful to once again hold the "14th International Conference on Brown Algae Research and Clinical Application" in a hybrid form on April 23, 2023 (Sunday) in Taipei. Taiwan and international authoritative speakers and experts in the field of oncology, chronic diseases and marine ecology will share their research and valuable insights in this conference. We are sincerely to invite professionals and representatives from the field of nutrition, healthcare, pharmaceutical and marine science to join in the conference. We hope these connections across the industries of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, academia universities, and medical hospitals will come out with more fruitful cooperation and bring a prosperous future for the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.
2023 / 04 / 18
Hi-Q has been featured in the latest issue of Global Bio & Investment Magazine for our outstanding contributions in the field of biotechnology and sustainable development. Our company is committed to making a positive impact on the world, and we are proud to be recognized for our efforts.
2023 / 03 / 29
In-cosmetics Global 2023 in Barcelona! What a fantastic trip! We are lucky to be in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe this week. Big pleasure to meet our new/old friends and partners from the industry!
2023 / 03 / 25
Hi-Q has successfully entered the finals of ESG Awards organized by Global Views Monthly Magazine (遠見雜誌) under the ‘Public Welfare Promotion’ category!