Oligo Fucoidan

Oligo Fucoidan

Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan, a health supplement ingredient powered by advanced biotechnology, harnesses the natural extract of Fucoidan. This remarkable polysaccharide, is derived from premium-grade, natural oceanic brown seaweed. Through the implementation of cutting-edge "low molecular technology," we have extracted the purest and most potent form of Fucoidan, known as "Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan", transforming its original macromolecular polysaccharide structure into highly effective oligosaccharides.

Low Molecular Weight, High Bioactivities

With a low molecular weight not more than 1500Da, this high-quality supplement stands as the pinnacle of natural Fucoidan dietary solutions, ensuring lifelong health benefits. This groundbreaking process enhances the supplement's benefits, delivering superior and noticeable results. Renowned medical doctors recommend the consistent daily consumption of Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan for lifelong health and longevity.

Recommended by Medical Doctors and Pharmacists

Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan is a dietary supplement backed by scientific research and recommended by medical doctors and pharmacists. Our proprietary ingredient, OliFuco®, forms the foundation of this branded supplement. Verified through rigorous human clinical trials, Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan has earned a trusted reputation and is legally sold in select hospitals in Taiwan. With a remarkable sales history of over 14 years, Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan stands as the top-selling Fucoidan product in Taiwan, trusted and embraced by customers worldwide.