2024 / 05 / 28

Invitation-Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredient (ICI) 2024

🌿 🌿Exciting News Alert! 🌿 Tomorrow kicks off the Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredient (ICI) Exhibition in Jakarta, and we're thrilled to announce that our Indonesian distributor PT. TDP will be showcasing our sustainable marine ingredients. 🌊


As the beauty industry continues to embrace sustainability and natural ingredients, seaweed extracts have emerged as one of this year's top trends. FucoSkin® not only embodies this trend but also represents our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation in skincare formulations.


If you're attending the ICI Exhibition, be sure to swing by Booth F2 to learn more about FucoSkin® and how it can elevate your cosmetic formulations with its unique properties and sustainability features.. 🚀