2023 / 09 / 27

Hi-Q Wins NutraIngredients-Asia Award 2023

Super exciting news from Singapore! Hi-Q has been honored with the prestigious NutraIngredients-Asia Award, often referred to as the "Oscar" in the global nutritional ingredient industry! This achievement signifies a remarkable leap forward for Hi-Q.

Hi-Q has been awarded the Nutrition Research Project Specialty Award for our project titled " Exploring the Adjunct Therapeutic Potential of OliFuco® Oligo Fucoidan in Supplemental Intervention for Cancer Cachexia: Enhancing Treatment Outcomes and Improving Quality of Life". This award-winning research project not only represents Hi-Q's outstanding contributions to the global nutritional ingredient industry but also provides cancer patients worldwide with more supplemental treatment options. With Hi-Q's leadership, we can anticipate that this important research will make a significant impact on improving the quality of life for cancer patients.

Hi-Q’s research project addresses a pressing consumer demand and significant public health concern in the field of cancer care and nutrition. Ensuring access to nutrition resources is fundamental to quality cancer care. Early and proactive nutrition care is associated with improved outcomes as patients progress through their cancer journey to cure or palliation. There is a critical need to improve the quality of life and treatment outcomes for cancer patients, particularly regarding the management of cancer cachexia and other side effects. Cancer cachexia poses a major challenge in healthcare as it leads to severe weight loss, muscle atrophy, fatigue, and inflammation, negatively impacting patients' well-being and treatment response. The lack of effective interventions and limited access to appropriate nutrition resources further compound the problem. Our research aims to address these challenges by investigating the potential of functional ingredient (OliFuco® Oligo Fucoidan) derived from marine seaweed as an adjunctive therapy for patients experiencing cachexia and management of chronic diseases that contribute to cancer risk. Through rigorous scientific research and clinical trials, we aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of OliFuco® in enhancing anti-tumor immune response, alleviating side effects of cachexia, improving quality of life, and treatment tolerance of patients. By providing a targeted nutritional or supplemental intervention, we hope to fill the existing gap in cancer care.