Skincare & Dermatology

Skincare & Dermatology

Hi-Q’s study delves into the exploration of Oligo Fucoidan's significance in the realm of skin care, specifically its potential to counteract the effects of photoaging. Photoaging, resultant from environmental exposure, significantly impacts skin health and aesthetics. Oligo Fucoidan possesses validated antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and collagen-enhancing properties. These attributes hold promise in effectively mitigating the adverse consequences of photoaging, encompassing UV-induced skin damage, structural decline, and oxidative stress. Preliminary evidence underscores Oligo Fucoidan's potential in revitalizing and preserving youthful skin, offering a comprehensive approach to skin care.

Potential Benefits of Oligo Fucoidan in Skincare:

  • Improve cardiac function of aging canine
  • Protect heart valve cells from high oxidative stress-induced damage

Hi-Q’s Publications in Skincare Research

2017 A Preliminary Study on the Application of Anti-Aging Cream with Small Molecular Fucoidan to Skin
2016 A Mechanism of Low Molecular Weight Fucoidans Degraded by Enzymatic and Acidic Hydrolysis for the Prevention of UVB Damage
*The Fucoidan used in these studies was prepared by Hi-Q Marine Biotech