New Packaging of Hi-Q Pets Products Series

We're excited to launch our new packaging of Hi-Q Pets Products Series!
In order to establish a consistent global brand image for Hi-Q Pets and strengthen our branding, we decided to upgrade the packaging. Thank you our team members for this great work!

Oligo Fucoidan can be applied for pets (both dogs & cats), to strengthen physiological mechanisms. Hi-Q Pets is branded Oligo Fucoidan dietary supplement and products available in the market for pets’ lifelong health. Hi-Q pets has been used by veterinarians for a long time and is recommended by more than 950 animal hospitals.

Hi-Q Pets Supplements & products:
ImmuArmor / FUCO I : Nutrient for cancer care, Enhances immune modulation
RenoShield / FUCO K : A special formula looking after your pet’s kidneys
HeartFight / FUCO H : Healthcare for heart, Enhancement of antioxidant capacity
JointFree : Strengthen the Joints, Nourish Healthy Bones
Skincare Gel : Soothe allergy and itch, Mitigate skin problems